Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chapter 2: Pre Thanksgiving

The night before Thanksgiving and looking around the house...I feel a bit panicked, not going to lie.  I am getting off easy in so many ways as my husband has done all the shopping and made several pies.  Put things away and while I was getting my hair done today, he had helpers cleaning the walls and polishing the floors.  I am hoping the trend continues.  He bought a 25 lb. turkey and will be the one to make and bake the rolls.  He will also help me set the table and get the dishes down from the really high shelf where I keep 6 Crate and Barrel and 6 white Pier One plates.  I need to set the tables with the new table linens I bought and bring in the chairs (extra ones bought at Costco) and then make sure I have enough matching flatware sets for 12.  I am looking forward to tomorrow night at this time where I can enjoy the idea of having entertained loved ones and hopefully the satisfaction of a great meal.  I then will want to put on my jammies and wait for Letterman to come on.  I don't watch that much of Letterman anymore, but I do like tradition.  Each Thanksgiving he visits his mother in Indiana via satellite where he will try and guess which pies she has made.  He thinks he's psychic and she continues with each wrong guess saying "No, David it's not Rum Raisin...".  She is a lovely lady and it has become a tradition for me to see his mother, who I came to love during the Olympics in '96 (Lillehammer) or was it '92...I don't know for sure, but she stole everyone's heart with her good natured ways and beautiful white hair.

So, anyway...let me just say again.  I hope the dishes I will create will be a delicious success.  I follow a long line of great cooks, but I have never cooked or entertained as much as they did, so I am hoping it tastes just half as good as theirs always did.  You know it is hard to like your own cooking or know what it really tastes like.  I want to learn to enjoy more of the actual getting to and getting through things rather than living to just check all of these things off my list!  Do something, do anything, it doesn't have to be perfect-it's just dinner.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chapter 1

I am off on a new adventure or so it seems.  My daughter has been blogging and loving other bloggers for some time.  I'll never forget when we were parked in front of Paradise (Bakery) and she said, "Oh that girl right there is getting married soon.  I follow her blog; I love it.".  She worried she sounded like a stalker.  I was amazed that she could be so excited about someone else's writing and their thoughts.  It made me look at this person with wonder and watch she and her fiance get out of the car and get some lunch.  I noticed he opened the door for her and seemed to take tender care of her.  Every mother wants that for a child.  They want their son to exemplify chivalry and a daughter to find that kind of love!